Pebbles & On The Rocks Eleuthera

Pebbles and On The Rocks, which were once beautiful homes, have been left to fall into disrepair.

It quickly became clear to us soon after our arrival, that Pebbles and On the Rocks Eleuthera are poorly maintained. Not much effort has been put into keeping these rentals in habitable shape. It is really a shame because it is situated in a great location.

We have rented a number of places in Eleuthera in the same price range as Pebbles Eleuthera and have never encountered anything like it as far as quality is concerned.

Check out the images below.

Pebbles Eleuthera is poorly maintained

Poor upkeep. You'll notice the used soap discussed in the cleanliness section.

Pebbles Eleuthera is poorly maintained

Pebbles Eleuthera has disgusting toilets

There were electrical problems at Pebbles Eleuthera. We tried to unplug this plug (which is located on the floor), and it gave us a shock. Many of the lights did not have light bulbs in them.

Pebbles Eleuthera has electrical issues

The microwave worked.... sort of. Most of the buttons did not work. When it did turn on, many of the number pad buttons do not work. If you plan on cooking at Pebbles Eleuthera and want to cook something for 2:00 minutes, my recommendation is 1:70. It's the closest you'll get (don't bother trying 2:00 or 1:60).

Good luck trying to program a time!

The screen doors were in deplorable shape which was contributing to the bug problems.

Bugs aren't going to be stopped by the screens at Pebbles and On The Rocks Eleuthera

The door stops were not installed correctly, letting bugs in as well.

Bugs aren't going to be stopped by the doors at Pebbles and On The Rocks Eleuthera

Thanks for all the great feedback!

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April 26, 2019 (4:06:21)