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I think it's a case of an absentee owner... They leave it's care to a caretaker that they either don't provide funds for upkeep or does not have the ability or means to perform the necessary repairs. The place needs an overall remodel to get out of the seventies because who seriously still has purple, avocado green and harvest yellow bath fixtures?

The sun deck is really deteriorated. The main electrical panel is outside exposed to the weather! Crazy!

I was concerned about keeping my clothes in the drawers due to what looked like bedbug deposits and I suspect the beds have bedbugs too.

It's really too bad because this is an awesome location.

Source: Tom, October 2012

We stayed last year for less than 24 hours before moving.

Source: A.E., December 2012

Booked 6 nights, stayed 18 hours. Absolutely horrid: dirty, unmaintained, sliding doors all broken and oxidized shut. Water reeked of sulfur (which smells strongly of rotten eggs if you've not enjoyed it personally), window A/C emitted odor so strongly I nearly threw up trying to shut if off. We found blood stains on the bedding, broken "provided snorkel equipment" that should have been thrown away years ago. There were more things plugged into a single outlet than I've ever seen near the bedroom door - complete with extension cord strung across the doorway. Combine that with having all the windows and doors inoperable turns "Pebbles" into a death trap if there were to be a fire. I called the owner, explained our concerns and was offered a "full refund" straight away. We departed and stayed elsewhere for the remainder of our trip. 2 MONTHS later, after countless reminders and emails, received her "full" refund less $300 which including our damage deposit and "administration fees". Ironically enough, two reviews - one from a Bahamian IP address coincidentally - contradict our EXACT complaints. The "main house not affecting the privacy of the cottage" - that couldn't be a bigger lie. The first, and only night we slept in that disaster of a house we awoke to a women digging in the garage of the main house, a garage that stands within 30 feet of the cottage bedroom's window. The "secluded" beach... nice in pic's, yes - but chalk full of trash, broken glass, bottles and more biting sand flies than you could believe. The reviewer that posted about the "sound of the waves with the doors open or closed"; I was told by the maid when we arrived that those doors have "been busted since the last hurricane here years ago", so it's a bit odd that a reviewer would mention specifically that those doors work. I have a strong suspicion that (the owner) has a hand in these positive reviews - which is completely possible with the way this site review is structured. It is the only explanation for ANY positive remark concerning this cottage. Lastly: do not under any circumstances allow this owner to suggest a local car rental for you. I've driven some run-down automobiles in my day, in some very under developed parts of the world, and I can say with 100% certainty that the Taliban, even in remote Afghanistan, drive safer more reliable cars than we were provided my this owner. It was expensive, even by Eleuthera's standards, and outright dangerous.

Date: July 2011

... The cottage was not exactly what we were expecting. It was not very clean, the furniture in the living room is uncomfortable and mainly there was no water to drink. We had to call a taxi in the evening to drive us into the nearest town so we wouldn't dehydrate, water for the five days cost us about $50.

It was our first time on a vacation like this, now we know better and it was overall a good first time experience.

Date: May 2009

stayed at Pebbles at On the Rocks Eleuthera- what a great location, what a shame that the owner has not put a dime into this rental which she charges $1050 for off season, towels are rags, place is dirty, couches are torn and stained covered with old throws to hide condition, all the screens are broken which lets in all the no-seeums, not fun, stay away better deals to be had on the island.

Date: Dec 6, 2006

... The cottage was not exactly what we were expecting. It was not very clean, the furniture in the living room is uncomfortable...

Date: September 16, 2009

... We noted an ant problem in the kitchen at the villa and our understanding from the owner was that it was a tropical thing and not much they could do about it.

Date: January 23, 2007

We stayed at the big house but did end up speaking to the folks over at Pebbles and they mentioned the ant issue at the cottage also.

Date: January 26, 2007

Thanks for all the great feedback!

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